Reese Marin collage…

Revisiting the liveries and car styling for Reese Marin’s S13 coupe starting in 2013 and ending in 2016. They weren’t always executed as planned but they did exude an individuality in livery design that I am proud of. While many were doing the same things or a variation of the similar ideas these liveries if anything were individualistic.

Which is your favorite?







6th Annuam Ramrod at Peidmont…

I love these Peidmont events. It reminds me of Clubloose back before the roadcourse was cut. Just a bunch of fun and cool people. This event I didn’t drive so I got to take photos and more time chatting with people, specifically Ryan Deavers the founder of Peidmont Drift. He explained he was trying not to Americanize drifting but keep the best parts of what got him into drifting alive. He says he took big inspiration from Club Loose back in they days, so that feeling I got was no mistake. Ryan starting off in Motorsports doing professional rock crawling, then fell into drifting. He had a pretty successful career and wanted to give back to the community and help the next wave of drivers. He has some great stories of his competition days, but has no plans to bring competition to Peidmont. He wants to keep the matsuri style format alive, and it works. With 67 drivers at this event staging was at a minimum. The historic dragstrip is used as an access road back to the staging lanes. 1/8 mile to cool off your engine and compose yourself for the next run is perfect. The owner of the dragway was on hand to help run the event and announced plans for expansion and a road course. With people coming from Virginia, SC, NC, and more the plans will be put to good use.

Anti Missile Coalition for the 99-00 to infinity…

You’ve seen them. We have all seen them. They burn an image into your brain that often creeps up the back of your neck at night while you wrestle with sleep. They park next to you at the supermarket, rattle down your street at night revving savagely, they chase you down in tandems threatening to turn your own chariot into one of them.


Peace in the mid-east and everywhere else. Take your stance today against missiles. Join the coalition. This is your badge.

Proceeds benefit the beautification of drift cars around the world.