Judy tore open the shower curtains her heart pounding in her chest…

She knew she had seen nothing in there just a moment ago after ending her 4 day showerless streak. A mixed odor of funk and soap hung in the steamy air as she waited for her eyes to adjust to the light. Slowly a figure came into focus.

It was a tiny T-Rex.

The day was saved.


Detwild 36…

Recently Scott had the vinyl FVU designed… …installed by Ricky Kelly. We caught up with him at his good friend Steve Miexner’s detail shop in Lansdale. The place was huge and so charismatic we had to do a shoot inside. It used to be an Ace Hardware or something, now they own the whole building.



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Charles Ramsey…

By George Seabron:

I caught this thread this morning on DataLounge and thought it quite interesting…. what do you think?

If you’re laughing at Charles Ramsey, you’re an ass

Let’s talk about the difference between “laugh at me” and “laugh with me.”

In modern ironic hipster culture, where identity is consumption (even if it’s consumption at a thrift store) and where “authenticity” is an impossible dream achieved only by consuming certain things with enough enthusiasm to not be considered a “poser,” it’s hard to understand people like Charles Ramsey, who rescued an abducted white woman in Cleveland. To a lot of people, it may be fun to share videos of Ramsey and smile at his way of expressing himself. 

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