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Some random freelance items I found on a thumb drive recently. Some of these I’m not even sure when they were done. Recently I have been ready to quit freelance as it is too much stress at times. But its cool to revisit old jobs…

A sketch of the classic Fairlady Z. I’ve always loved this car. I found one in my parents neighborhood for sale for a decent price one Thanksgiving break. I went home to sell some stuff and raise the money, when my brother called to tell me he found a car he wanted. Turned out it was the same car.

This wasn’t freelance but a assignment from my college days. This was actually my senior project. A shoe that offered maximum support and mobility at the same time.

This was a logo for a dating site for young professionals. I never did receive full payment for this work and eventually the site folded.

Random Headphones modeled in Rhino. No clue when this one done.

Some Gram Lite wheels done in Rhino as well, no clue when or why…

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Custard Battle…

A friend is going through a custody battle, he has four children that all lived with him until recently. I wrote this letter to do what I could in helping the judge make the right decision. Hopefully it can help someone else.

*The name has been changed to protect the innocent.

To whom it may concern,

In this age the traditional family is under attack from every angle. Values of the past are no longer held with regard. Fathers especially have become disposable and treated as an option. Fathers that have the misfortune of having a child out of wedlock experience a criminal mistreatment by society and especially the courts. If ever there is a custody battle or a child support hearing a man stands at an automatic disadvantage. It is as if the decision has been made even before either party opens a mouth. I have seen this happen too many times with all races but especially blacks.

But this does not diminish the necessity of a father for the healthy development of a child regardless of the gender or race. Just the presence of a father alone has been proven to have a profound affect on the hormonal development of female children especially. This does not even take into account the emotional development.

My friend Barnabus has been a great example of what a father should be. The love for his children has always been apparent to me, and something that I hope to mimic with my own children some day. His children have the fortune of having him and their siblings readily available to them shaping and molding their identity. If any party were to go missing it would be catastrophic for all involved. Please pray about this decision you must make and do not let bias or popular misconception about fathers cloud your judgment. Take into account that Barnabus is a hard working man willing to do anything to provide for his children and a self sacrificing love that would be devastated if he lost any of them to the courts.


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…Hank ignored the death threats and hammered #715. Props to you pimpin’.



A sample for a freelance job.



In the age of political correctness, men find it hard to be men. Part of being a man is having something to protect and stand for, be it family, values, dogs, or vegetarianism. Being a man also means reserving the right to be wrong or changing your opinion. But in recent times it seems fitting in, making everyone feel good and accepted, and not stepping on toes is more important. Kids basketball games where score is not kept, police intervening on parents disciplining their children, banning of words that used to be widely accepted seem to have appeared over night. The world is barely recognizable. There are few things worse than a man with no back bone or clear stance. That is a man not to be trusted. Strong clear positions were once held in high regard. But in present times if an opinion sidelines anyone in the least, swift social punishment and disgrace is levied with often devastating results. We have all seen the headlines; A fast food owner gives his opinion on a topic and his chain is boycotted, a CEO weights in on a topic and he is forced out, an athlete speaks and he is critecized. Soon society will be full of soft spineless eunuchs with less testosterone than the mannequins in Lane Bryant’s display case. We are individuals in a diverse world. We cannot expect to agree with everyone, nor stick to our believes from birth to death. But stand for something or we run the risk of becoming eunuchs wearing the same outfits and smelling like Nubian Lavender & Wildflower body spray.