Random Work…

Some random freelance items I found on a thumb drive recently. Some of these I’m not even sure when they were done. Recently I have been ready to quit freelance as it is too much stress at times. But its cool to revisit old jobs…

A sketch of the classic Fairlady Z. I’ve always loved this car. I found one in my parents neighborhood for sale for a decent price one Thanksgiving break. I went home to sell some stuff and raise the money, when my brother called to tell me he found a car he wanted. Turned out it was the same car.

This wasn’t freelance but a assignment from my college days. This was actually my senior project. A shoe that offered maximum support and mobility at the same time.

This was a logo for a dating site for young professionals. I never did receive full payment for this work and eventually the site folded.

Random Headphones modeled in Rhino. No clue when this one done.

Some Gram Lite wheels done in Rhino as well, no clue when or why…

No missiles…

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