NJMP Lightnening…

Last weekend I went with a friend to NJMP to do HPDE at the Lightening course.

To no surprise there was a ton of nice cars in attendance with equally impressive drivers.

Austin Healy
A few 911’s and 911 Turbos.

One of my favorites of the day an Ariel Atom (not the V8 one though 😦 )

BMW’s definitely ruled the day and various trims.

This beauty was probably my favorite car from the day.

240Z’s are one of the most iconic cars ever made. This owner made a monster out of this particular one. A small block V8 with E36 brakes, suspension, and drivetrain. All metal fabrication done in his garage.

Even the entire rear subframe.

I particularly liked his interior.

He said he is working on making it fast, then he will finish the looks.

One driver in particular was very special. Back in the late 80’s I lived in Pittsburgh and my family attended a small church. We left around 1990 and have not seen some of our old friends in about 24 years. The Pastor of that church just so happened to be driving his S2000 that day. A very cool surprise.

He took me for a few laps and I must say he does not drive how you would imagine a pastor would.

This gentleman in his Z4M coupe I hear is a legend on BMW forums. His car was quite impressive, but he had to retire early due to a power steering leak spraying onto his rotors. I hope he made the trip back to Boston okay.

The staff was friendly and helpful even though they did not like stretched tires and slammed cars.


A remake of the D1 windshield banner design for the dope Texas cars that have not gone all FD. This is for the guys who care more for fun and style than winning at any cost. Requested by Jimmy Yates of Essence Garage (jyw0rld.wordpress.com/)