Fun with email…

I ordered some items from a company in New Jersey. Apparently it was too much for them to handle as they shipped the package short two items with varying quantities despite being given a typed and number list.

I called to inquire about the missing items and was met with rudeness. I was instructed to email part numbers this time (as if numbers in a different array would prove to be less challenging to the dim witted fellow on the other end of the line). I did so and this is the result. Enjoy, I did.


Hoppy Berfday…

Once upon a time two people loved each other and ordered a baby from the stork. After months of waiting their child was delivered on Friday the 13th. He had pecs the size of watermelons. His hair was long and his care was short. He was cooler than everybody else, but not so cool that he was unapproachable. This child grew up and became a man. Instead of using his pecs for evil he used them for good. To build the coolest cars on the planet and help others do the same.

His name is Jonny and today is his berfday. Happy Friday the 13th J-Ru.