M. Marin Bash Tour 2015…

This year driver Mauricio Marin is planning to do something fun. Instead of sticking to his corner of the world he is attempting to hit every Bash Event in North America. For anyone who isn’t familiar with hobbyist drifting, Bash Events are huge 2 day drift events that started with the Ziptied Allstar Bash in California. Then East Coast Bash made it a nationwide thing. The next thing anyone knew there was Maple Leaf Bash in Canada, No Coast Bash in Wisconsin, Lone Star Bash in TX and many more in between. It will be an expensive undertaking but I’m sure, if pulled off, it will all be worth while. Good luck Reese, and please lower your car so it looks like the design. Don’t mess up!


We have all been there, well most of us, fighting with a sibling or cousin. After the poking, prodding, teasing, pinching, punches kicks you had enough. You fought back, loud, angry, unapologetic just full of rage and frustration. But then your parents only see you. They only see your punch, anger, and retaliation. Now you are the one in trouble. You try to explain while your sibling maintains the face of a bullied child. Your explanations don’t come out right. They are hampered by your hot tears and convulsing chest. They make no sense. They sound like lies, excuses…

While you are being dragged away you look back, half expecting your cousin or sibling to own up to their role in the fracas. What you get is a look of satisfaction, the final insult to injury. The hatred spreads through your extremities. It all but consumes you.

You grow into a socially acceptable adult. You learn not to hit people because it’s…not socially acceptable. So in turn you resort to passive aggression. The anger that blossomed while your mother or father dragged you away to your fate has ripened, but you are old enough to hide it with “mature restraint”.

But it comes out in your words, your body language, and at family reunions. Your cousin is past it. In fact your sibling cannot recall it. It never happened! ‘What are you talking about?’ You are so angry. You start an argument at the Thanksgiving table. The day is ruined, all because of you. Everything was perfect. We were all getting along. No one had a problem until you became difficult. Now everyone is suffering because of you. You are the problem. You are an animal.

Victims are not always innocent. Does that render an offense victimless? In order to be a victim must you not respond? What is a victim?

A lady walks into her supervisor’s office, unsure about herself. She is unsure of what she is about to do. Her pain is real, but she questions if she should be hurt. She questions herself. ‘Did I dream this up? Am I being crazy? But I hurt. The hurt is so real I can feel it. I want to be accepted, but I want to be validated. I want to be equal.’

She tells her story to her supervisor only to be met with laughter and dismissal. More pain, but this pain is more like anger. She can no longer hold her head up in her place of employment. Whispers ripple around the workers. ‘She’s a trouble maker, she’s sensitive, she is delusional, she is a bitch.’

Her behavior changes, she is angry. She treats people differently. It seeps out of work into her every day life. Her anger is consuming. She barely recognizes herself. She becomes what they said she is. They are right. Aren’t they right?

For the past 51 years things have been great. We all have had BMW’s to drive, 3 bedroom houses, taxes stink but hey, we have jobs. We are no longer separate, we are equal. They told us we are equal. We are equal right? We’ve had small bumps, but there hasn’t been a real problem. No one has had an issue until now. They are so angry. Where are their parents, where are their leaders? Why are they so angry? They are crazy. They’re animals. Shoot them. Hang them. Kill them.

Wake up.
Fix your face.