Sitting in my bucket seat waiting my turn in line at the Wa Wa air pump I can barely see over my steering wheel.

I imagine I look like a little kid from the outside. As one man finishes up I begin to reverse into position only to be cut off by a long haired man in a mini-van.

Usually I would let it go but he stared me in my face as he jumped me in line, so I turned my car off and unfolded myself from my Maxis.

Before I could finish two words he swung open his door and plopped his jean shorts into the drivers seat apologizing before he pulled in line to wait.

Sometimes it is good to be a big bearded black dude.


Moments ago I recieved got a call from Kyle ( I almost didn’t answer because I did not recognize the number. I have tried repeatedly to break up with Sallie Mae but she won’t stop loving me, so I usually do not answered unsaved numbers.

But I picked up thinking it could be Kyle and it was. He was released from the hospital with just cuts and bruises, and a little blood loss. They gave him a cat scan and everything is good!

“My wife and daughter are sitting here next to me and we want to say thank you for stopping, from the bottom of our hearts.” He said.

That almost brought tears to my eyes. Kyle being alive to love his wife and daughter is thanks enough, as if I deserve any! I did nothing more than is required of a neighbor. I’m just sorry no one else did.

South Side Let’s Ride…

Last night I decided to go buy the DVD Life of Pi. I heard it was a great movie and figured I would buy a DVD for once instead of being a pirate.


I used to be downtown pretty much every day but since my office moved to a new location I had not had been in a while.

My car had also been out of commission for five months so I took a joyride to the Best Buy in South Philly (right around where my friends and I used to street drift when we were younger :/ ).

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My eyes popped open. I was wide awake and I knew it was too soon. I rolled over to check the time. 5am exactly. My mothers words of advice ricocheted around my sleepy skull.

When you are awaken early in the morning, God is trying to talk to you.

Reluctantly I flipped through my Android and found the Bible app and began to read. 30 minutes later I decided I would go to work early and lift in the gym. So I showered and dressed and checked the weather, a high of 49 degrees.

As I sat in my car I said a quick word of prayer for protection while driving and going through my usual day. It was almost a ritual at this point in my life, but not quite meaningless. As I pulled onto the road my alarm to wake up buzzed in my pocket, exactly 6:10.

The first half of my journey has some “fun” bits of road where you can stretch your cars legs, which I often do. But for some reason I drove the limit. Still in a groggy state I turned on the radio, half listening and half in a random stream of consciousness. I noticed a powder looking spray in the headlights of the oncoming traffic just above the barrier.

‘Weired,’ I thought. ‘Maybe a truck spilled something…’

As I neared the final curve of the highway I noticed a thin substance covering adjacent parking lots dimly lit by the lights, but it was so dark I could not tell exactly what it was. Then I noticed tracks forming on the highway.

“Snow?” I said to myself aloud? There was no snow in the forecast and there was definitely no snow at my apartment just 8 miles or so in the opposite direction.

I slowed down being way more cautious than usual. In my sleepy state I saw the tracks getting very erratic. Then a silver rectangular object caught my attention as it reflected my headlights. I swerved to avoid it losing traction. It was too late. I made contact. Even more objects smaller in size littered the road as I gripped my steering wheel hoping the damage to my car would be minimal and praying I didn’t cut a tire. Glass and plastic bits bounced off my bumper and undercarriage in a stomach churning symphony of noise. I corrected to get back into my lane where suddenly a rocking shadow, that my sleepy mind interpreted as a giant, was standing in my way. I swerved left again checking my mirror to make sure no one was approaching in the fast lane, just as it seemed the giant stepped away to the right.

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Punch pt.3…

More renders from my friend Punch-You-In-The-Face Maleka. Knocking it out the park! This guy is super talented, I love his high contrast rendering style. He drew these with one hand while playing Tennis with the other and developing a beat and mixing vocals with his feet.

Mustang Cobra

911 Turbo S. Sweet Peanutbutter insides.

458 Italia in an unusual powder blue.

Probably my favorite one of the bunch, the LFA.

Hope to see more from Punch. I never get tired of these. The rust is coming off nicely from years of not drawing.