Reese Marin…

A plan and Livery for Mauricio Marin for the 2013 season. Reese will be doing SWD as well as US Drift.

Reese picked the second livery and the car was completed this past Monday. Chaz Boyd will be photographing it on Wednesday.


Sitting in my bucket seat waiting my turn in line at the Wa Wa air pump I can barely see over my steering wheel.

I imagine I look like a little kid from the outside. As one man finishes up I begin to reverse into position only to be cut off by a long haired man in a mini-van.

Usually I would let it go but he stared me in my face as he jumped me in line, so I turned my car off and unfolded myself from my Maxis.

Before I could finish two words he swung open his door and plopped his jean shorts into the drivers seat apologizing before he pulled in line to wait.

Sometimes it is good to be a big bearded black dude.