Moments ago I recieved got a call from Kyle (https://fantasticvoyagesunlimited.com/2013/03/14/wake-up/). I almost didn’t answer because I did not recognize the number. I have tried repeatedly to break up with Sallie Mae but she won’t stop loving me, so I usually do not answered unsaved numbers.

But I picked up thinking it could be Kyle and it was. He was released from the hospital with just cuts and bruises, and a little blood loss. They gave him a cat scan and everything is good!

“My wife and daughter are sitting here next to me and we want to say thank you for stopping, from the bottom of our hearts.” He said.

That almost brought tears to my eyes. Kyle being alive to love his wife and daughter is thanks enough, as if I deserve any! I did nothing more than is required of a neighbor. I’m just sorry no one else did.

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