South Side Let’s Ride…

Last night I decided to go buy the DVD Life of Pi. I heard it was a great movie and figured I would buy a DVD for once instead of being a pirate.


I used to be downtown pretty much every day but since my office moved to a new location I had not had been in a while.

My car had also been out of commission for five months so I took a joyride to the Best Buy in South Philly (right around where my friends and I used to street drift when we were younger :/ ).

While on the road I ran into the usual Bentlys, M6s, and Porsches. But while pulling from a light I spied with my little eye a 190E Mercedes Benz occupied by the paparazzi. I used to have an old diesel 350 SDL and still want to get another one day. I have dreamed of doing a US spec Cosworth 190 so this was a pleasant surprise.

A car like this is not a common sight in Philadelphia so we pulled over to check each others cars out.

Its a small world. It turns out they are friends with many of my friends, and I had seen the passengers’ car at a show called H20 in Maryland.

Cool guys and an even cooler Merc. And they sent me a rolling shot 🙂

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