Office Stank Booty…

Open air office space is the worst. Someone in my area keeps farting and I cannot tell what direction it is coming from.
I have my headphones in often so I can’t hear it coming. My eyes start watering, then my throat starts burning and THEN I smell the madness.
It’s like mustard gas or Hiroshima…

Phenomenal Woman…

Women are beautiful. They are supposed to be cherished and protected. Not because they cannot protect themselves, but because they are a gift to the human race and smell so good.

One time I was holding a door open for a woman and she refused to walk through it. She said:

“I can hold my own door.”

To which I replied:

“If my mom sees me walk through this door before you I’m gonna get punched.”

Let us feel like men. Require us hold doors open for you and protect you. Don’t make our mom’s punch us. It doesn’t make you any less capable, it actually empowers you.

Do The Right Thing 1989…


Over the past two weeks I have been revisiting classic Spike Lee Joints. Not only have they taken me back to my child hood/ early teens in a unique way, but they have opened or re-opened my eyes to social situations of the day that still exist.

I saw these movies back in the early to mid 90’s and I thoroughly enjoyed them. But as a young man who had never really experienced the world on my own two

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JRu Says…

My friend Jonny is the wisest man I know.

…and I quote…

I am so over all this gun stuff.
Let people carry guns. Let their kids carry guns. Let their pets carry guns. Obama is a bad president.
Put crazy people on drugs so they always stay happy. Don’t let them have guns.
If you have a gun, shoot your gun. Shoot deer for fun. Don’t shoot people with your gun. If you have a gun you automatically will resolve and diffuse
terrorists situation, hostage situations, bank robberies, child pornography rings, used car salesmen, communism.
Never wear white underwear when you have diarrhea.