The Richest Whitemale…

…Some legends are true. This just so happens to be one of them. In a land far far away, known as Coatsville, Pennsyltucky lives a man. He is the Richest Whitemale and his fox dog is Kaazfield Jenkins.

Seriously, that is his name. Well Rich Whiteman to be exact. Richman as I have come to know him is one of the manliest men on the planet.

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Euro Garbonzo…

Despite our hurried pace we made it back to Pennsylvania late.

Just in time to drive past a humongous line of gorgeous cars. But luckily at the end of the line was a huge lot still littered with dormant machines that you don’t see everyday. One was a familiar face. Scott Detwiler. I have known Scott for a few years and he has turned out quite a few nice vehicles. The latest however, his turbo S2000, brought him nothing but trouble and a thinned wallet. After spending an obscene amount of money he had been able to drive it a total of 150 miles or so in his 2 years of ownership.

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Boss Buell…

My boss recently bought a bike and started riding again. He bought a Buell and has been slowly modifying it. He is at the point where he is contemplating color schemes, so I offered to try out a few for him.
Which is your favorite?