The Richest Whitemale…

…Some legends are true. This just so happens to be one of them. In a land far far away, known as Coatsville, Pennsyltucky lives a man. He is the Richest Whitemale and his fox dog is Kaazfield Jenkins.

Seriously, that is his name. Well Rich Whiteman to be exact. Richman as I have come to know him is one of the manliest men on the planet.

He eats turkey subs with one hand while making ammunition with the other. Some say he cleans his teeth with angle grinders, others have claimed to have witnessed him bench pressing 600 pounds with no hands while taking a selfie. In addition to that he has a cool garage and even cooler cars. Observe and let the emotion of inferiority wash over you.

S52 wide body E30 with a super duper charger. Because he had it lying around in his back yard.

This flap has so much gurney.

Continuing his love for BMW’s his Techno four door E36 had just returned from drifting at Spring Moves

But being a manly man he couldn’t just have a normal E36, he had to add some mullet to it.

5.0 Cobra Mustang motor.


For every day Richman drives a normal car, a slammed 350Z.

It runs on beer and is cooled by testosterone.

When Rich needs to blend in and not scare the Amish, he drives his supercharged V8 Focus.

Mr. Whiteguy doesn’t keep cars long, in fact two of these cars are already up for sale and he will have completed yet another build before you eat dinner tonight. I can only imagine what is next.

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