Euro Garbonzo…

Despite our hurried pace we made it back to Pennsylvania late.

Just in time to drive past a humongous line of gorgeous cars. But luckily at the end of the line was a huge lot still littered with dormant machines that you don’t see everyday. One was a familiar face. Scott Detwiler. I have known Scott for a few years and he has turned out quite a few nice vehicles. The latest however, his turbo S2000, brought him nothing but trouble and a thinned wallet. After spending an obscene amount of money he had been able to drive it a total of 150 miles or so in his 2 years of ownership.

I was sure this would be the end of Scott and cars as a hobby but to my surprise and pleasure I received a grainy cell phone picture over the winter of an E36 stuffed into a garage.

A mere 4 months and some weeks later I received a videor of the same car with a hole in the hood making an obnoxious racket. Photos later revealed a supercharged LS1 inside. I had to see this machine in person.

As we crept into the lot I spotted Scott walking towards the car. I pulled in front of his E36 and immediately started smiling.

Character indicative of Mr. Detwiler himself spilled and oozed out of every corner and cranny onto the runway from the car. The paint wasn’t perfect, themes clashed, many things unfinished but it was perfect. The car reflected the owner and even the left over parts from the S2K partout indicated the route he had taken to get there.

Even as thin as the crowd was there was a huddle around the car.

Cary of CSM Photography and Los Goonies, Scott and I quickly agreed to do a shoot once the lot emptied out.

I agreed to stand back and pretend to be a photographer and leave the real work to the expert.

As Cary clicked away I reflected on the day with my friend Jonny and all we had seen in the Maryland and PA Charity shows.

Out of all the Maserati’s, Lambo’s, Ferrari’s etc. we had seen our favorites were cars with character. They may not have had the best paint, most expensive modifications, biggest power, but they had presence. Scott’s definitely had that.

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