Reese Marin collage…

Revisiting the liveries and car styling for Reese Marin’s S13 coupe starting in 2013 and ending in 2016. They weren’t always executed as planned but they did exude an individuality in livery design that I am proud of. While many were doing the same things or a variation of the similar ideas these liveries if anything were individualistic.

Which is your favorite?







Philly Goon…

As was said in a previous installment ( Mauricio, a driver for the infamous Los Goonies tribe, chose to keep his car purple therefore going with the second choice. After getting his exhaust made, and finishing up a few loose ends at One Motion Garage he dropped his car off at Sticker Chick Graphics up in NJ.

The result was a well laid graphic pretty much identical to the rendering.

Whether or not the style is your cup of tea Sticker Chick did a phenomenal job and just in time for Reese to turn a wheel in anger for the first time in two years since kicking his life force draining KA-T addiction.

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