FVU Flagship…

OG stank booty is finally going to be a title car for FantasticVoyagesUnlimited.com.

After completing a modest amount of work for various people it only makes sense to have a title car showcasing some the ability of FVU’s design work and styling. Simplicity and bold color are the basis for FVU style. K.I.S.S. is the mantra, bold is the goal.

Behold…Stank Booty in all her stankness.


Vanku Autosports Dyno Day…

Yeah, you hear dyno day and you think “egos clashing and people getting wet as they try to determine who can urinate the furthest”, but Vanku put on quite a day. There weren’t any exotics, there were no models, but that was okay. What there was was sufficient, and that is a lot of really great people with some cool cars.

A wide array of cars flooded in, many making surprising numbers.

With good music, good food, good music, and lots of noise the day flew by.
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