A friend in the drift world, Jamar, had an unfortunate accident in which his S14 sitting on his trailer outside of his house was hit by a drunk driver, totaling it and damaging his truck and trailer. Instead of giving up he made plans to do an even better version 2. These are his plans. M-Sport coupled with Car Modify Wonder.


FVU Flagship…

OG stank booty is finally going to be a title car for FantasticVoyagesUnlimited.com.

After completing a modest amount of work for various people it only makes sense to have a title car showcasing some the ability of FVU’s design work and styling. Simplicity and bold color are the basis for FVU style. K.I.S.S. is the mantra, bold is the goal.

Behold…Stank Booty in all her stankness.