Your Worth…

Having been a designer for quite some time now I have learned a lot. Safe to say all designers would love to have their subjects be wowed with their first try, but of course this is rarely the case. Everyone, even counterfeiters, have their own style. Often with inexperience comes a sense of worthlessness or a need to prove self. So, often students or recent graduates do work for free or for next to nothing, something I was advised against while in college. ‘You are worth as much as your value yourself.’ one particular teacher explained many. Many artists look at the chance to work for free as a way to build their portfolios, but in the end it not only damages that persons worth, but the industry as well. Exposure does not pay rent and portfolio pieces do not quiet hunger pangs. Similarly when customers price shop, established artists may find it difficult to find patrons willing to pay a fair price for their trade. When pricing your artwork don’t feel guilty about factoring in your time, education, materials, software, or the like. More importantly do not compare or allow yourself to be compared to anyone else, but be fair. There are many pricing tools available to ensure you are compensated fairly and the customer is not gouged. The same goes for musicians, another under-appreciated discipline. Most importantly do not stop creating or the world will be very bland.

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