Anti Missile Coalition for the 99-00 to infinity…

You’ve seen them. We have all seen them. They burn an image into your brain that often creeps up the back of your neck at night while you wrestle with sleep. They park next to you at the supermarket, rattle down your street at night revving savagely, they chase you down in tandems threatening to turn your own chariot into one of them.


Peace in the mid-east and everywhere else. Take your stance today against missiles. Join the coalition. This is your badge.

Proceeds benefit the beautification of drift cars around the world.


You Betta Pick Yo Afro Daddy Cuz It’s Flat On One Side.

Once upon a time in a land SO far away the government used it to store garbage and rusty cars, there lived a gentle young lad with a massive afro. This man loved cars. He also loved women. But both loves were expensive to maintain.

“Whoa is me…” Fro lamented. “I could spend my money on women, but then that would cut into my car money. I could spend money on cars, but that would deplete my woman money. I could spend money on both, but that would cut into my sock and underpants funds and I cannot cut cost on socks and underpants so what do I do?”

After much deliberation on how to merge the two loves he realized that the simple solution was to do up a really cool car that smelled good on the inside and women would run their fingers through his amazing afro.

The auto he picked was a Nissan S14. He worked hard and saved up the bread he wasn’t spending on socks and afro picks and used it for to make glorious his humble chariot steed.
He slabbed on paint, tucked tire and wheel, searched for parts, and sent people money. In turn those people sent him parts that he assembled and applied to the S14.
He dropped it as if it was hot, from the window to the walls, he polished till his fingers hurt, then he polished some more, often times using his afro as a rag. Squeezing testosterone from his hair onto his car he shaped it by hand and hair into a eye catching wonder.

Actually Fro let me in on a little secret. He did not work very hard on this slab. He took on this project to prove a point. Money doesn’t buy style. It is easy to make a vehicle look good.

I agree.

Now Fro has a different problem. He has to divert more money to undershirts and such because women skeezors flock to him so aggressively that he often returns home with torn garments.

But I doubt he is complaining…

“Fix your face…and your car. Style matters, your opinion does not.”– Dustin Benedict -bka- Fro (what I imagine he would say in this context.)