Canadian F1 Gran Prix 2017…


Since the early 90’s I have been watching NASCAR, INDY CAR, and F1 before I even fully understood what was going on. I had dreamed of becoming a race car driver but my family laughed me to scorn. Saturday nights my father would take us to the local dirt track and we would stand outside the fence and watch the sprint cars go to town. As I grew older I dreamed of watching the pinacle of racing live and direct, F1. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is one of my favorite F1 tracks because of the high speed and heavy breaking.

Some amazing races and breath taking crashes have happened here, making it always an exciting race to watch.

Montreal as a city is a place I would never visit if it weren’t for the circuit. Rude citizens coupled with a constant cloud of dust and grime from endless construction make the city one of my least favorites I’ve ever visited. However, the car culture is amazing and there is some great architecture and food. There are also many very attractive females.


For years I have been planning on visiting this track for a Gran Prix, but trying to be a grown-up got in the way and I forgot what was important. 2016 I determined I would go no matter what. I spoke to a few friends and family members about going and a year in advance everyone was down. Having been left out in the cold before I made my plan to go solo, which almost proved to be prophetic. With a month to go, only my cousin remained. 2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the track built on a man made island in the middle of the St. Lawrence river. The 1800 mile round trip was well worth it.

For friday we took the risk of not buying tickets ahead of time, instead we opted to find scalpers which proved to be the best move of the weekend. General admissions (grass, bring your own chair) seating was $50 plus fees on the website.


Friday we secured hairpin grand stand seats for $50 a piece which were many times that amount on the F1 website.

When we arrived we caught the end of the Porsche GT3 cup practice.



Then Formula 1600 practice.


Next up was the Ferrari Challenge cars. The speed of these vehicles was so impressive. The break rotors were glowing in the breaking zones and the gear shifts were accentuated by pops and spits of flames.








Then the classic late 70’s early 80’s F1 cars took their turn screaming around the track and bursting ear drums.











Then Finally the F1 FP1.


An all too familiar sight.









Saturday night the downtown area was alive with soundstages, car shows, food trucks, and just a lot of energy.














Saturday my Dwayne and I attended church. While we were doing that Lewis Hamilton was busy breaking Ayrton Senna’s pole position record.

Sunday we wanted to arrived at the track bright and early. We decided to use the subway system and walk in instead of fighting for parking.

We found our seats and settled in for a butt numbing day.


Formula 1600


The classic F1 race was so exciting.


After the race during the podium I saw a familiar face. It was Eddie Lawson! 5x Moto GP champion driving a lotus!

Then was the Ferrari Challenge car race.



Porsche GT3 race.



Finally the F1 drivers parade got underway.




Then we heard scream of engines as they approached us. The race was underway.










Hamilton took the win. His 6th at the track.


After the race there was a melee to get on the track as we sprinted towards the podium. I split my pants scaling the fence but it did not phase me one bit.







There was some stars out and about. Of course Nikki Lauda.

Johnny Herbert.

A blurry faced and out of focus Damon Hill.

Toto Wolf and Ebro.

Patric Stewart still coughing up toe jam from his shoey.

Bill Burr, Will Buxton.





This is exactly how I felt afterwards.