Mexican F1GP 2017…

I wanted tacos really bad…

So I went to Mexico.

Mexico is super far.

Mexico smells like farts. There are lots of gun shots, traffic, and police napping or playing on their cell phones (carrying machine guns). People were staring at me. I wasn’t sure if I had something in my beard or if they thought I was a celebrity.

I stayed in a motel that is clearly a place to bring someone who is not your not wife for a few hours.

Their version of a continental breakfast.

While I was there a race broke out.

I tried to buy tickets for the race via stub hub but the sale kept getting cancelled for some reason (6 times). Long story short I missed the first 12 laps of the race trying to get my tickets sorted. But I made it in! The view on your way over the bridge into the stadium.

That’s not Jolean Palmer anymore. Carlos Sainz Jr. took his seat.

On the way to my seat I checked for any damage from the recent earthquake. Looks ok.

This guy next to me was a Ferrari enthusiast. My Spanish is limited to “yo quiero tacos” but I gathered that he was stressed out and he left the race early.

I wish I had one of these things. The dudes behind me kept spilling cervesas and my pants got wet.

Lap 19 everyone stood with their fists up to show solidarity for the recent earthquake in Mexico. 7.1 I think.

The end of the race turned into a big party. A DJ was playing and there was fire and explosions and confetti.

I ran into Valteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton while I was walking out.

The people in red are sad.

This guy came all the way from Holland to see Max Verstappen race, and was rewarded with his driver winning.

I am pretty sure he was under the influence of controlled substances. He enjoyed himself tremendously though.

Verstappen, Bottas, Raikonenn is how it finished. Vettel had to finish 1st or 2nd to continue the championship race. He finished 4th and Hamilton 9th after they came together on the first lap. So Hamilton won the championship.

That night I went downtown to get more tacos. I ate a lot of tacos and I didn’t take pictures of any of them.

5:30 AM, on the way to the airport. This is the thinnest I had seen traffic. Moments later we were at a stand still and the pit sweat started as trucks swerved inches from my window and motor cyclists looked as if their lives were soon to be over. I have never seen traffic like this.

15 hours and 44 min of traveling later I made it home.

I’m still super tired. I got no sleep because there were gun shots and explosions all through each night I stayed there, but I do want more tacos.

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