Canadian F1 Gran Prix 2017…


Since the early 90’s I have been watching NASCAR, INDY CAR, and F1 before I even fully understood what was going on. I had dreamed of becoming a race car driver but my family laughed me to scorn. Saturday nights my father would take us to the local dirt track and we would stand outside the fence and watch the sprint cars go to town. As I grew older I dreamed of watching the pinacle of racing live and direct, F1. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is one of my favorite F1 tracks because of the high speed and heavy breaking.

Some amazing races and breath taking crashes have happened here, making it always an exciting race to watch.

Montreal as a city is a place I would never visit if it weren’t for the circuit. Rude citizens coupled with a constant cloud of dust and grime from endless construction make the city Continue reading