Chocolate Drop

I started drifting about 8 years ago (hard to believe) and in those eight years I have been on track with very few people of African descent aka black people. It always warms my heart to see anyone enter into an arena that is not the norm for their respective background. Whether it be a woman auto racing, a white sprinter, Jewish hot dog eating champeen, or a black man drifting.

I stumbled across Lex King who drives an FC RX7. I don’t know much about him, but his car looks respectable and he is competing in the TD ProAm.

He also has one of my favorite Bob Marley quotes pasted on his center console; “None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds”. It comes from the great acoustic classic Redemption Song.

FC’s do not look that great stock to be honest. Pairing that with the style direction competitive drifting has taken would usually spell disaster. But I am happy to see that this man is doing pretty good in the style department…which of course is the most important part of drifting.