Duy LS400…

LS400 is a cool car. It’s for old stuffy people, but still cool none the less.
A friend of mine named Duy Nguyen bought one. Not because he is old, but because he wanted to make it cool. So he put in a 350Z 6 speed manual transmission and SSR AD (Agle Dishes) 18×10 front and 18×12 rear. If I was an old person I would shake my fist at him.

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21 Questions with a real life Conquistador (Mike of One Motion)…

I bet you have never met a Conquistador before. Mike Quinonez knows that, and that is exactly what he is counting on for his plan to succeed. Dressed as a mild manored mechanic and his ship hidden off the coast of Jersey, Mike has gone undiscovered since setting sail from Spain and landing on US soil. His plan? His plan is to gain peoples trust by offering good service at a reasonable prices, then when they least suspect it…take over the world.

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Philly Goon…

As was said in a previous installment (https://fantasticvoyagesunlimited.com/2013/03/27/reese-marin/) Mauricio, a driver for the infamous Los Goonies tribe, chose to keep his car purple therefore going with the second choice. After getting his exhaust made, and finishing up a few loose ends at One Motion Garage he dropped his car off at Sticker Chick Graphics up in NJ.

The result was a well laid graphic pretty much identical to the rendering.

Whether or not the style is your cup of tea Sticker Chick did a phenomenal job and just in time for Reese to turn a wheel in anger for the first time in two years since kicking his life force draining KA-T addiction.

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