Yesterday I went out for a drive. I haven’t driven a non automatic “fast” car for a while and after the Targa I wanted to experience my own “super” car.

At my furthest point from home my car decided that I needed a rest and promptly stopped running as I was driving through an intersection across a 4 lane highway.

After catching a ride with a friend and going home for tools and parts and finally getting the car back to life we stumbled upon a car show that was wrapping up. But the evening was so nice as well as the cars we decideed to stop.

There’s little wonder why cars from this era, 50’s- 70’s are held in such high regard.

I feel this was the pinnacle of American design. The detail in just the quarter panel of a 60’s Caddy exceeds the thought put into the entire body of most modern US cars.

The ammount of chrome on each car is astonishing.

Each car was bubbling with personality, and there in the Pep Boys and Dairy Queen parking lots I got a feel for what the world was like back when these machines dominated the roads.

No internet, little to no TV. The world was outside and in living color.

You met people, you enjoyed their company, you went places and did things instead of sitting behind a screen. I felt a bit envious of the smattering of older people.

Not for their prized possessions, but for their experience.

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