911 Targa…Check…

Punch coming through in the clutch again with this beautiful 911 Targa.

Now I have NEVER been a fan of any 911 Targa. To be honest I was never really an admirer of Porsche growing up, but lately they have grown on me.

When I first saw the render of the latest Targa I thought to myself “They finally got it right.” There are not many soft tops I would own, but this is definitely one I would. It is beautiful.

The styling is right on point and the interior is sweet.

The only thing better is the sound and ferocity of this car. It shift lightening quick but so fast you don’t even feel a jerk as it slots into gear.

With no turbo’s to wait for the power is immediate and screams uninhibited from the ultra short ehaust hanging precariously from the rear mounted engine.

In no time the spoiler comes up. 0-60 comes faster than the monthly phone bill, and 120 as fast as it takes you to realize your lips are numb.

At $127k I think this is actually good value all things considered. Oh man…one day…


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