Fake the funk…

But it’s still nasty.

On my way to Mishimoto I spotted a familiar shape out of the corner of my eye. I asked John to make a stop as he was driving me back home so I could take a closer look.

Now I have not seen many GT40’s in person and even fewer in the wild so I my eye was not keen enough to discern if this was the real deal. So I walked into the shop it was parked in front of to talk to the owner.

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Mishimoto is an american company that specializes in cooling systems for cars.
I had been in talks with John Petty at Mishimoto to lend them my car for development of a radiator and oil cooler for the E46 M3.

Luckily I have not had any issues with my stock cooling system but a few times at the track I had seen temperatures get a bit warmer than I would like.

So I was happy to hear from John that they were ready to take my car in for development.

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