Mishimoto is an american company that specializes in cooling systems for cars.
I had been in talks with John Petty at Mishimoto to lend them my car for development of a radiator and oil cooler for the E46 M3.

Luckily I have not had any issues with my stock cooling system but a few times at the track I had seen temperatures get a bit warmer than I would like.

So I was happy to hear from John that they were ready to take my car in for development.

John gave me a tour of the facility, showed me some of their upcoming itmes, and explained their process.

Using some very nice equipment they develop radiators for Diesel trucks to supercars and everything in between.

This particular item I have worked with before in my engineering and design training. It is a 3D printer driven by 3d modeling software. If you can model it, this thing can make it.

This is one of the items that was being worked on recently. A pipe coupling for a diesel truck.

Mishimoto recently moved into a new building with a workspace in the back. This way they could save time by doing installations, demo videos, testing all in house.

I don’t have much experience with Mishimoto’s products. I have used their radiator breifly in the past. While I was pleased with the appearance of the radiator I did not own the vehicle long enough to test it out thoroughly. So I will be curious to see how these items work.
Part one is acquiring measurements for the oil cooler and radiator for the E46. Part two I will return my car to Mishimoto for testing. More pictures of their facility then.

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