Everyone has a list of cars that they want to drive, except of course those that do not have a list of cars they want to drive.


My list is pretty long and convoluted. I have checked off not many of the cars in the super car category but my good friend Punch helped me get one knocked off recently. A 90’s 911 non turbo was my first “super car” that I was able to knock off my list. Since then I had been wanting badly to drive a turbo. One day I got a very vague call from my good friend Punch that did not make much sense.

“Where are you?” he had asked. “I am about to come by.”

Usually Punch was very specific and laid back, but that day his voice was focused and direct. I had received a similar call about a year earlier but I was not home. Later Punch informed me that he had traded cars with a client of his for the weekend and he wanted to surprise me. My mind raced at the thought that this could be the second chance.

Sure enough Punchy showed up at my door with this beauty.

The sun was shining and the roads were fairly clear, a perfect time for a drive.

Now, I had been in cars with this much power or more, but nothing that rode or handled quite like it. The turbo surge was tremendous and just sitting in the passengers seat was a treat.

The leather interior was exquisitely crafted and still smelled new hinting that the ridiculously low numbers on the odometer read true.

After a while Punch relinquished the keys and allowed me to check off another car from my list.

As I got behind the wheel immediately my pores went into overtime shooting sweat from every part of my body.

The excitement and fear of damaging such a pristine machine bombarded my face. But those emotions were soon drowned out by the pure fun of the drive.

No matter how violent I was with the gas pedal the huge rear tires barely made a sound as they griped the road even when the turbos sprung into action with a wall of power.

Every turbo car I had owned or driven before had two distinct characteristics that were lacking in the 911: lack of traction and a distinct point in the rpm range where power dropped off.

The Porsche seemed as if it could pull forever. But it was so smooth and planted that it was almost uneventful.

If you have not yet I encourage you to try it. But be warned P car turbos are definitely habit forming. Thanks again Punchy!

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