Street Dreams Part 3 Cars and Castles…

After reluctantly turning in the car and checking out of my hotel I had a few hours to kill. Perfect.

Even before reaching the town of Nurburg I spotted a castle standing taller than any structure placed dominantly on the top of a small mountain, and I made a mental note to check it out before I left.

Once again I bundled up and started walking. As I walked through the small village I spotted a few cars I had seen playing on the track earlier that day.

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Street Dreams Part 2 / Rent4Ring…

…As I rounded the final corner I kicked the clutch and laid flat on the gas. I left a long trail of smoke as I sped onto the long back straight.

I had done it. Sub 10 minutes is a trophy many reach for only to realize their arms are too short. Not only had I done a sub 10, but I did it on my first day at The Ring. as I pulled into the lot near the start women cheered and clamored to the window of the Lambo as men stood on the hoods of their cars in a standing ovation…

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Street Dreams Part 1…

What kid didn’t want to be a race car driver at some point in life?
Aside from kids like Boy George and Waka Flaka, regular kids.
I know I did. I used to go to bed with little toy cars under my pillow so I could play with them if I woke up in the middle of the night.

I must admit I never grew up, hence that dream is still alive and kicking today. Every ocupation, interest, discipline in life has an ultimate, a culmination, a mecca. For little 10 year old kids that want to race that mecca without contest is The Nurburgring.

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