Universal Mind Control…

Driving to work I passed a school zone. I saw kids in their early teens walking in lines behind a teacher, some even taller than he. I realized that school is designed to teach us how to conform and to break our individual spirits. The kids looked so zombie like and sad. This happens for the best and most formative parts of our years. Do not confuse school and education. They are very different. Most of what we learn in school is useless and filler. Education never ends as long as your brain functions. But look at yourself as you sit in your office daydreaming about the weekend or on an airplane, not headed to a vacation spot, but a place of business. How has school helped you become a good worker. You may have a position of power, but who do you answer to?

All children are artists. You would be hard pressed to find a child that does not draw, make up games, songs, or just create. When we “mature” we put those things away. The truth is we would be too dangerous to the status quo if we were left to our own devices. Society would not look how it does now.

But I have a suspicion it would look much better.

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