Because you were the first to reach in for the chicken…

…you have to say grace.

We all burst out into laughter except for our friend’s son Felix, the young boy who had reached for the chicken. Well, in this particular case it was bread, but the line fit regardless.

We had all gathered at a friends house to do immature things to his car and watch the F1 race.

After a cold session of vinyl wrapping we sat down for a home cooked meal while are hands and feet thawed from the mid fall chill.

Sometimes I think life is a bit backwards. We should be doing the weekend things for 5 days, and work for 2. But maybe we wouldn’t enjoy times like these as much if we had them so often?

Either way life should have more of these times.

The bi-product was a collaboration of 5 very different men all bound by one common affliction, autos. Even though we were working in less than ideal conditions, with disobedient material, we still had a good time.

As the saying goes, many hands make light work.

What would have taken all day on a normal car (3 days on a complex Volvo) flew by. By the end of the day something fairly cool unfolded.

As we all went our separate ways, my mind turned to the mountain before me called the work week. Even the issues of the previous week crept in. But I smiled as I remembered the jokes and the food I had experienced over the past few days. I felt sad for people who were too busy to enjoy the company of good people. As corny as the movie is, I realized why the Fast and the Furious has become a Cinematic Classic. Aside from the young women in skimpy spandex, the “fast” cars, and thrill of danger, there was something else highlighted by the Oscar worthy portrayals of Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker. Something everyone, no matter how grumpy and onery they are, have a deep need for.

The need for fried chicken…

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