Count Your Blessings…

Sometimes it’s good to pause and take a look at where you are in relation to where you have come from. Some of us can remember walking holes in our British Knights, begging for rides, or chasing buses down to get where we needed to be.

But it is easy to forget those days and not be satisfied, or even grateful for what we have.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t strive for better, or there aren’t even higher levels to achieve, but don’t miss out on enjoying today because you are reaching for tomorrow.

The owner of the vehicles pictured, who desires to remain anonymous, decided to do that. This day had been postponed for quite some time.

But as we all know, projects are never done.

Sometimes the imperfections are what give cars their character.

Or at least they are fun to point and laugh at.

With a few friends and a excellent photographer to share the day with, traffic was successfully disrupted on a perfect fall afternoon.

Photographer: Michael E. Pearson

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