Mike J…

I never liked Michael Jordan. My household, save my father, were Knicks fans from way way back. I can remember my sister, brother, father, and I (my mother does not care to even try to understand sports) crowding around our TV in early summer watching the NBA finals or playoff as the Knicks inevitably broke our hearts into a million pieces. The sneakers that often trampled over the remains were Jordans worn by none other than the man himself. Because he hurt me so bad I have never owned a pair of his shoes. As a matter of fact in all the time I have designed shoes I have never even made a pair branded with the mark of the flying man.
Until now.

The only pair of Jordans I would own were released in 1991. I have fond memories of being in Bronx NY for some summer days and these shoes were everywhere. Even though I dare not admit it to my brother and sister I loved the shoes. I think they were 4’s? I don’t know. Like I said I was not a Jordan fan nor did I wear his shoes so give me a break. Anyway. I designed these as a throw back to the 4’s or whatever.

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