Tony Brakohiapa…

Feb 28, this last day of Black History Month we spotlight a man worthy of mention hailing all the way from Kumasi, Ghana. That’s in West Africa for anyone who is unfamiliar with anyplace outside of the U.S.

Mr. Tony Brakohiapa has been a professional race and stunt driver for over 10 years since relocating to the Bay Area of California.

From Open wheeled racing, Stock Cars, Sports and Touring cars, to Formula Drift and stunts

Tony has had a wide array of experience behind the wheel. He has been competing in the Formula Drift Championship since 2005.

He was part of the crew that was lucky enough to go to the Middle East with Formula Drift for the first pro-drift event at the Yas Marina Formula One track in Abu Dhabi. Tony also is a senior instructor at Jim Russell Racing School and the Audi Sportscar Experience at Infineon Raceway.

Tony doesn’t always light his car on fire, but when he does it is spectacular.

Tony has also worked as a private driving coach for A.L.M.S. sportscar teams such as T.R.G. (Whom FVU recently did a race livery for But it doesn’t stop there. Tony has done film/TV precision and stunt driving for many car manufacturers. But his greatest claim to fame was stunt drive doubling for Bow Wow in the movie “The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift” even though we all know that was this was worst FnF ever (the driivng was good though) we appreciate it for that cute Aussie chick and introducing us to Haan. Why did they kill Haan off btw? Is it me or was that just as dumb as killing off Michelle Rodriguez?

Tony had the chance also to work with a lesser known star than Bow Wow, Tom Cruise. I imagine he wrote it off on his taxes as charity work. He filmed a movie with Tom called “One Shot” that was released in 2012, and more recently did the stunt driving in “Jack Reacher”. I wasn’t going to watch it since Bow Weezy isn’t in it but I probably will now.

Good luck to Tony B in the upcoming FD season and not setting his car ablaze.

Apologies Tony, your face conveys your lack of amusement. A peace offering.

Check out Tony’s website for more info and pictures.

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