Young Bul…

I was at the gym playing basketball last night, and chatting with another guy about the NBA and some of it past players. The subject came to Allen Iverson and I brought up “The Cross-over” on Mike Jordan.

“I don’t really remember that, I was three at the time.” He said.


One thought on “Young Bul…

  1. i thought i was at this, but i was at jordan v iverson when jordan was a bullet….errrr…i mean…wizard. while i am sad that i never saw jordan live in a bull(y) uni, i am happy to say i saw him play live. especially since i have only been to like 5 NBA games in my life. i would trade all 5 to have been at the Garden when my homie Starks dunked on MJ ’93 playoffs. During his Knickerbocker tenure Starks lived about a mile from the house i grew up in and i always used to see him playing ball with his son (john jr) in the driveway.

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