My New Favorite Place To Shop… is the manliest place to shop on the internet. My favorite item so far is the Ballroom Jeans. The description is simply amazing.



“I like the fact that you designed your jeans without the cheap hotel syndrome (no ballroom),” wrote John P. from Ohio. Good point, John – so now we call them Ballroom® Jeans. They’re cut on the easy side, and built with the added comfort of our F.O.M.™ (freedom of movement) Crouch Gusset, so they don’t feel too tight when you bend, stoop or squat. The waistband, bottom leg openings and pockets are lined with Fire Hose® canvas – these babies are NOT going to fray, rip out or get holes in ’em from nails. Finally, side pockets are a full 12″ deep so your stuff doesn’t fall out. So go ahead: bend, crouch, climb, do the hokey pokey in comfort.


They also have a sweet shirt to help you chop down trees and stuff:

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