Peanut Butta jelly time.

Peanut Butta jelly time. This shall do my belly fine,
Not cuz I love it, but broke I am.
Well that, plus I’m too lazy to cook and I gots no fryin’ pan.

I do love it though, it’s so versatile,
and when I’m at the store I visit just one isle.
Well almost. Dang! stop being so picky
at least I don’t have to drag a shopping cart with me!

Just my two hands suit me fine
I don’t even have to find the time
to stand
in line
look at my hands.
Clearly I have 10 items or less
Oh sir you won’t be a pest
if you jump ahead.
I insist! Just that and bread?
Yes you won’t take long. Cuz I on the other hand can’t read the sign and I brought two shopping carts full of junk to the express line.

Well if thou dost protest in as much that I will do.
S’cuze me while I squeeze by this narrow isle, please let me through.

Sometimes I gets fancy and add some special things
like banana, fluff, cinnamon, and maybe onion rings?
But mostly I’m too hungry to wait,
and I eat it before I’m done even dropping it on my plate.
Dinner time saaay whuuut?
I gots a special treat for my gut.

Bread and jam.
With? you guessed it chunky peanut butter
A nutter
for desert
If I wanna splurge and I aint spill none on my shirt…
I use the extra dollar for a sip of drink.
Otherwise I stick my head under the faucet in the kitchen sink.

Not Pepsi or Coke nah man them drinks is a joke.
Cream Soda, ‘say whuuuut?!’ Thought I toldja!

When It comes to the cream I’m a solja.
Cream plus carbonation?
Man that’s a winning combination.
And if it’s chilled like I am I can’t help but be geeked
I sip a gulp and let the bubble sting the insides
of my cheek
like mouthwash, but tastes way mo betta.

I didn’t even spend,
all my ends,
to make this meal, cuz like I told you I gots no chedda.
But I got bread.
And jam and gubment peanut butta in them white cans with the stamp.
The stuff they feed folk at them FEMA camps.

Yeah its thicky, like a thigh
But don’t hate man,
stick with the game plan.
Get that butta knife and put it on the range man.
Heat it up and dig in,
go ‘head get your pig in
or on.
The top of the sandwich be the bomb,
if you toast the bread it’s so great.
Only crumbs left on your plate.
Go ahead you greedy glutton.
Lick that plate till you lose a button.

Jenny Craig kick a rock.
I’m not benefiting from your stocks.
Cuz the market is crashed like my diet.
My internals causing a riot
They just want to be fed.
Like a crazy chick wants to be held,
in a cell,
by a buff chick named…hold up, yeah back to my sandwich of choice right
I been dreaming all night…
bout it.
Couldn’t wait to get up and eat about it.

Yo can stack em,
hack em…
into pieces.
Add fruit,
dip in soup,
but that’s just nasty
but not the half B.
Cats put cheese on em
Swiss I think like the beat maker.
Not quite my flavor.
But hey, different types of bread make a change,
to the taste budd.
Yes it adds to your waist butt…

But the bottom line

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